These are the guidelines, which drive the creative forces behind the Bliss Productions

1. Partially or Fully Unscripted:    Creation must originate from a real life occurrence and must include improvisations

2. Micro-crew:    Project crew of no more than 10 members

3. One Week Production:    Creation will take place during a one week period

4. Micro-budget:    Cost of creation will be under $999,999.00

5. Final Cut:    Filmmaker will have final say in regard to creation’s final form

6. SAG Compliant:    Creation will comply with performers’ union status

7. Mini Merchandising:    Video copies will not exceed regular screening ticket prices

8. Self Financed:    Creation will be financed by the filmmaker

9. 16mm film, HD, or mini DV:    Creation will be filmed on 16mm, HD, or
mini DV formats only

10. Fresh Contributors:    Involvement of at least one novice crew member and one
novice performer