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2000 Feature, trt: 86 min.

    At his wit’s end, Jimmy gives his life eight hours to collect more positive occurences than negative ones or he’ll end it all. He works as a superintendent in an old Hollywood apartment complex and spends this holiday afternoon dealing with the eccentric tenants, which are all along for the ride.


    On the edge of the edge, lonely Jimmy Getal, has the weight of the world on his shoulders. After a failed suicide and at the end of his rope, Jimmy, a superintendent at one of old Hollywood’s “has been” and “never were” apartment complexes, forces himself to go to work one more day. However today will include a life or death ultimatum to test his own fate. If at the end of the day he has more negative experiences than positive ones, Jimmy will jump off the rooftop to his death.

    The Ravenswood apartment complex is home to Hollywood’s most eccentric dreamers, which include agents, actors and musicians who are living on the shadow side of fame. Alice Slip, the building’s neurotic manager and want-to-be actress enslaves Jimmy to fix what’s broken, evict the tenants who can’t pay the rent, and remove the homeless that make the Ravenswood alleyways their home. Torn between his call of duty and his compassion for the tenants in need, Jimmy runs from floor to floor and stumbles from door to door. Small islands of happiness balance out the stressed-out lodgers on this holiday season afternoon. Jimmy negotiates the nearly impossible task of trying to please everyone he meets, and attempts to give a sympathetic ear to all who expect and rely upon it.

    Only when he is pushed to evict an old and lonely fallen cowboy star, Howard Cohen, and run homeless Pauli from the alley, does Jimmy reach his wit’s end. As the thoughts of confusion, depression and loneliness swirl in his mind, he decides that he’s had enough and makes his way to the rooftop. Before making the jump a new tenant, Richard “The Brit” who was taking photos on the roof top helps Jimmy to reevaluate his list, adopting a novel outlook on his encounters and accomplishments of this day.

Interesting Facts

5 million living Americans (estimate) have attempted to kill themselves

An average of 1 person every 17.2 minutes commits suicide

Suicide is the 8th leading cause of death in the United States

Every year, there are more suicide deaths in the United States than homicides

Statistics indicate that there is an increase of suicides BETWEEN CHRISTMAS
AND NEW YEAR’S day in the United States.

(Source: American Association of Suicidology, 1997 National Suicide Statistics and Facts)

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