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    Fishes laurel
2001 Feature, trt: 94 min.

    As fish swim and survive between the glass walls of an aquarium so does our motley group of misfits attempt to stay sane while being trapped durcing a major rain storm in Tom Dowtin’s home on stilts in the Hollywood hills. Tom was unable to attend his big break studio game show pilot, where he was to be the host, due to the storm and subsequent mud slide, which has closed the road in front of his home.

    Tom and his three friends along with six colorful visitors of various ages, races, and with a variety of sexual preferences from the neighborhood, attempt to salvage the aborted night. The group attempts to remain afloat under the dire conditions of no cell phone power, electric power, house phone or road access with only meager food and drink to boot.

    After a decision to hold a mock game show on this night to pass the time, they all find out less about hosting and winning and more about themselves and each other.

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