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  “Bliss... Bliss is human beings’ intrinsic nature. Trying to attain IT is a lost cause. We are IT. Searching for IT somewhere else is the road most traveled. If we stop the search and look within, the greatest surprise awaits us. The spirit IS, you ARE and I AM. You already have IT. You are IT. Now...can IT be redisovered by YOU? BLISS...IT just IS! Good and’s just not.” - Stefan Lysenko 1996

“Live” -Stefan Lysenko 1997 (used instead of “action” when directing actors while filming)

“I am the turtle!” -Stefan Lysenko 1997

“Create a fun day!” -Stefan Lysenko 1999

“Bliss, n. [Blissing, v]. through living in the moment, art is created by using what exists in your consciousness and immediate environment. Creating by using what you have at your immediate disposal, thus letting your creation create itself instinctively, as in ”the be-bop of film (a.ka. “ficto-realism”).” - Stefan Lysenko 2000

“Love is not an attachment...Love is an action!” -Stefan Lysenko 2000

“Acknowledge your bliss!” -Stefan Lysenko 2000

“I am the solution to the problem which I have brought upon myself.” -Stefan Lysenko 2003

“Aaaaa! The dream play called life.” -Stefan Lysenko 2004

“Concern is a lock that owns no key.” -Stefan Lysenko 2005

“You are your art.” -Stefan Lysenko 2007